Four main subtopics

The subtopics reflect the broad overarching theme of excellence and innovation in clinical practice, research and education to transform patient outcomes within global populations and health systems.

Topic A

From bench to bedside: Advancing pharmaceutical care

Topic A focuses on new technologies and approaches to achieve individualised therapy, including emerging ethical dimensions associated with their implementation. Advancements in drug discovery, formulation, compounding, delivery systems and mathematical modelling can be used to translate such innovations into better outcomes in populations and individual patients.

Topic B

Partners in health

Topic B recognises that pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists cannot operate in a vacuum if the goal is to transform patient outcomes. New collaborative practices, research and educational models are needed among traditional health care professionals, but also must be expanded to include members.

Topic C

Empowered for health

The main emphasis of topic C is training and leadership development of the current and next generation of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science practitioners. Efforts under this topic include innovations in disseminating new knowledge through the identification of key competencies or skill sets, along with outstanding approaches to effective and ethical communication, to enable life-long learning. The transformation of patient outcomes can only be achieved with a strong pharmaceutical care workforce empowered to develop and implement the latest advancements in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Topic D

Targeting special interests

Topic D will target special interests in the different fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.