C8 - The Model of Improvement: How can your practice benefit?


Organised by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section


Charlotte Rossing (Pharmakon, Denmark


Pharmaceutical care and quality assurance have been the backbone of the development of community pharmacies for the past 35 years. We all agree that the responsibility for patient outcomes based on the implementation of safe and effective medicines management is among the core responsibilities for pharmacists in community and hospital practice. Then why is it so hard?

This model of improvement was developed by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement in Boston, USA, and is now used all over the world to enhance healthcare and secure the implementation of core patient outcomes based on simple tools.

Scotland has worked with this model of continued improvement of care for some years and has implemented it at government level. Jason Leitch, the clinical director of healthcare quality and strategy, is responsible for patient support and public involvement policy, NHS planning, reducing health equalities, effective pharmaceutical services, supporting dentistry in primary and secondary sectors, and implementing quality improvement across the government and the broader public sector. He will share valuable experiences and examples from the healthcare system in Scotland.  For inspiration take a look at this YouTube clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_Z1ZvjlKDE

This is a unique opportunity to learn from other healthcare professionals and for pharmacists to get inspiration for the future implementation of safe and effective medicines use for their patients.

The participants will be introduced to the model of improvement based on experiences from Scotland and will also be introduced to a pharmacy owner who has used the model in his own pharmacy to improve it. This model is based on the plan-do-study-act cycle, and therefore it is applicable for community pharmacies in their future work with quality and medication safety.


  1. The model of improvement
    Laerke Poulsen (Pharmakon, Denmark)
  2. What matters to me — The model of improvement
    Jason Leitch (Directorate for Healthcare Quality and Improvement, Scottish Government, UK)
  3. The model of improvement in community pharmacies
    Amparo Perez Benajas (Doctora en Farmacia, Spain)
  4. Taking the tools home
    Moderated by the chair, Charlotte Rossing, the participants will discuss how to apply the messages in their own settings.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Install the model of improvement;
  2. Adopt the learnings from the Scottish healthcare system on how to improve patient outcomes;
  3. Adopt the model of improvement in pharmacy;
  4. Install tools to start at your own pharmacy.

Type of session: Application-based