Pharmacy-based immunisation delivery – Certificate training programme (2)

Forth (Clyde)


09:00 – 11:00: Panel Discussion & Roundtable: Creating a successful pharmacy-based Immunization Service

This 2-hour, facilitated Panel Discussion & Roundtable is designed to foster discussion and sharing of key insights among experts in pharmacy-based immunizations and those interested in establishing and/or expanding existing services.

It will be open to FIP World Congress registrants and individuals who participated in the certificate training programme. The programme will include short presentations by the panellists. During the discussion, panellists will share insights on overcoming challenges, lessons learned, and the foundational elements of building the infrastructure for pharmacy-based immunizations, discussion may include: immunization neighbourhood, approaches to gaining pharmacist authority to immunize, value of interprofessional collaboration, education and training, pharmacy team roles and responsibilities, efficient operations/workflow, marketing and promotion.