D11 - Global impact and use of FIP Education resources for workforce development


Organised by FIPEd in collaboration with the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section


Toyin Tofade (Howard University, USA) and John Pieper (St. Louis College of Pharmacy, USA)


This session will address the global impact and usage of FIPEd’s resources. The current status of FIP’s education projects will be presented, with examples of stakeholders who have used the resources. Participants will be invited to engage with the vision and strategic plans of FIPEd through presentation of examples of the impact and use of FIPEd tools and evidence to overcome national challenges in education. They will join in a debate on how educational leadership and Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals can be translated into local visions for transforming the profession. An important activity of this session will be the congress launch of the 2018 Education Development Team (EDT) Technical Report. Past FIPEd technical reports have become important guidance and policy direction publications for members, member organisations and a wider audience. All FIPEd reports and publications are available on the FIP website and are widely cited. This session will provide the opportunity for members and member organisations to see the results and impact of the EDT work, to comment on them and provide ideas for further areas of interest. This session will be a mix of presentations and participant engagement activities.


  1. Using global development goals for shaping the future workforce (15 minutes)
    Ian Bates (FIPEd, UK)


  1. Principles for disseminating education and workforce research (10 minutes)
    Kully Rennie (Pharmacy Education Journal, UK)


  1. Principles for collaborative education: Shaping the future pharmaceutical workforce (10 minutes)
    Jill Boone (Inter-professional Education, USA)


  1. Workforce and leadership: Workshop activity (45 minutes)
    Lead Facilitation: Tina Brock (Education Leadership, Australia)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance/impact/usage of the FIPEd resources;
  2. Identify the content and key messages of the 2018 FIPEd Technical Report;
  3. Describe how global projects/workforce development goals of FIPEd and their outcomes can be applied locally or transnationally;
  4. Define the relevance and importance of the issues described in the technical reports and other EDT tools to the ongoing development of the pharmacy profession.

Type of session: Knowledge-based