D12 - Finding the humanitarian face of pharmacy


Organised by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section in collaboration with the FIP Military & Emergency Pharmacy Section


Warren Meek (C7 Consulting Limited, Canada)


The role of pharmacists in humanitarian causes and natural disasters is continuing to evolve as organisers and policymakers understand the value that pharmacists bring to those various events. In some cases, pharmacists volunteer from a purely selfless internal motive to help; in other cases, there is an organised political requirement for pharmacy to be included in the medical team assigned to provide relief and support to some event. This session showcases how pharmacists have gone beyond their daily activities to offer humanitarian support.


  1. Migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) — Support by pharmacists
    Marwan Ghazi El Akel (School of Pharmacy, Lebanese International University, Lebanon)
  2. Experience as a Save the Children responder
    Petra Straight (Save the Children, UK)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe and develop the role of the pharmacist in emergency situations;
  2. Identify the requirement for unique policies and procedures in these situations;
  3. Identify the planning framework required for pharmacist involvement and collaboration in a humanitarian effort;
  4. Describe how pharmacists may become involved in humanitarian projects.

Type of session: Knowledge-based