ED5 - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Forum

Gala (Clyde)



Toyin Tofade (Howard University, USA)


This Forum will aim to gather agencies or organisations or agencies responsible for continuing professional development (CPD) of pharmacists in your country. 

Some of the objectives of these meetings are to:

  • Increase awareness of developments and trends in CPD
  • Share and discuss FIP’s tools, resources and evidence related to CPD
  • Share the Nanjing Outcomes and discuss their implications on shaping national CPD policies
  • Connect global education stakeholders and encourage the sharing of best practices
  • Discuss possible follow-up actions and activities, including how FIP can support national initiatives to assure and advance the quality of pharmacy education


11:00 – 11:15 Welcome and Introductions
11:15 – 11: 30 Presentation on FIP Education (FIPEd):

1.    Overview of FIPEd and the Workforce Development Hub (WDH)

2.    Provide an FIP Update on CPD matters

3.    FIP CPD statement revision- next steps


11:30 – 11: 40 Share feedback around your current status with the Nanjing statements specific to CPD

o   current status, goals, aspirations and how FIP can assist in implementation


11:40-12:00 Discussion “How To” document on implementing CPD in your country and further discussion on much needed publications/tools that could provide direction for developing countries
12:00 – 12:15 Discussion around a global CE framework-Mike and Bronwyn
12:15-12:30 Summary, action items and next steps